A thermal image of your house. What we can do for you.


  • Check the windows and doors individually for draughts, heat loss and faulty sealed double glazed units.
  • Check the walls and roof for hot spots indicating lack of insulation.
  • Check the drains for leaking pipes.
  • Solar panels, checked for efficient operation and detection of any failed/damaged units.


  • Check the windows again for draughts and cold spots indicating badly fitting windows and doors.
  • Check the walls and woodwork for any signs of dampness and cold spots.
  • Check all the central heating system. The radiators to show any cold spots indicating bleeding needed or possible replacement. Also, if you have a hot-water tank we can check that too, easily, for efficiency.
  • Underfloor heating for detection of leaking pipes.
  • In the kitchen and bathroom, check all pipes for efficient waste water flow and detecting any leaks.
  • Electrics. All sockets and switches checked for indications of loose wiring or corroded connections. The fuse box to show any signs of failing fuses or bad connections.

All items are photographed using a military developed thermal imaging camera. When the survey is done we produce a full written report including all thermal photographs. No intrusion into the house construction is needed and no damage is done to any parts of your property. The thermal imaging camera can detect so much without the need to delve further.

You may ask the question, why should I need this survey. The answer is simple:

  • Heat loss through windows and doors will cost money in fuel wastage.
  • Damp in walls can go unseen and build up into bigger problems.
  • Unseen badly connecting electrics can lead to fires.
  • Undetected leaks can cause untold damage to the inside and outside of buildings.

If you are about to buy a property a survey like this can give peace of mind or detect faults that can be negotiated with the vendor.

If you own a property, safety and peace of mind is invaluable.


in particular the Energy Efficiency Agency states that up to £165 per year can be saved by ensuring your double glazing is performing well.

In a nutshell, the bigger the house you have, the more money you can save.

We can check this in our survey.