Plumbing and underfloor heating

Thermal imaging is a perfect tool to detect blocked or broken pipes and other plumbing related issues. Even if the pipes are laid under the floor or inside a wall it can be possible to determine the exact location of the problem by having hot water flowing through the pipes.


The heat will radiate and the problem area will become clearly visible on a thermal image.

Locating leaks in underfloor heating

Thermal imaging is an easy-to-use tool to find and check pipes and tubes for leaks, even when the water pipes are laid in the floor or behind plaster. The heat of the pipes radiates through the surface and the pattern can be easily detected with a thermal imaging camera.

Leaking pipes

Heating systems

Hot water cylinders are rarely checked. Our thermal imaging cameras can identify, in particular, scale build up in the bottom of the tank. You may be using expensive fuel to heat sludge and scale rather than hot water.

In this picture this cylinder clearly shows the bottom section full of scale which reduces the volume of available hot water in the tank. Scale on the heating element inside will reduce the efficiency of the water heating process.