Electrical faults

Every building contains many electrical installations. Thermal imaging can also be used to scan electrical switches, cabinets, fuses, connections, etc.
By detecting problems that are invisible to the naked eye, potential problems can be diagnosed and repaired. If left unchecked, electrical problems can cause high temperatures. Furthermore, sparks can fly which might set the surroundings on fire.
Common things which can be detected are badly fitted connections or corroded fittings.

In this picture an overloaded dimmer switch is identified.

Overloaded switch

In this example we can see a fuse that is overheating and in need of urgent replacement and possibly further investigation by a qualified electrician.

Overheating fuse

In both examples these issues could possibly lead to a fire risk.

White goods.

In the news recently there was an article about the increasing number of home fires caused by faulty electrics and refrigeration workings.

With our thermal cameras we can detect any potential of overheating elements in your refrigerator or freezer giving you peace of mind or early indications of maintenance needed.

Early notification of faults is better than waiting for a disaster to happen.